This Pre-Production Ford Mustang Mach-E Was Painted Bubblegum Pink Because Of An Error

Some of the world’s greatest inventions were accidental, including the choice of pink food coloring for bubblegum. Ford appears to have repeated that narrative and maybe it should double down on this bubblegum pink Mustang Mach-E?

The result of a production error in which the paint shop forgot to clear the paint guns after painting a white basecoat and before attempting to paint a Red Clearcoat, this pre-production model became the first and (so far) only factory pink Mustang Mach-E in existence.

Discovered by TheDrive, the photos were posted to Facebook by Mechatronics Engineer Alexis Aguilar Gomez who was working at Ford’s Cuautitlan Plant as a contractor overviewing paint and external defects in 2020 during the EV’s pre-production phase.

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The Mach-E project had two pre-production stages before the mass production started,” Gomez told Carscoops. “During these phases, the first units were test subjects for various things, usually quality tests, some of these units had minor or major defects since the body area and often were used as test mules for the rest of the process as practice.”

This particular unit had already been painted a few times because the automaker was setting up the paint booth and testing the quality of the paint, Gomez said.

“This pink one had like 3 other paint layers underneath and after it was accidentally painted pink, it remained on the paint area for a couple of days standing by and eventually was resprayed again for test,” he told us.

The mules, once resprayed or otherwise fixed to be closer to production quality, were eventually sold at a discount to Ford employees or kept as display units for the company, he reports.

In his post, Gomez said he loved the color but what do you think? Should Ford have gone the Double Bubble route and added this pink to its range of colors for the Mach-E?

Photo credit: Alexis Aguilar Gomez

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