Californian Revelers Steal From Semi-Truck During Car ‘Takeover’ At Busy Intersection

A group of youngsters in San Bernardino, California have been caught on film attacking a truck driver and stealing during a car ‘takeover’ in the middle of an intersection.

The incident occurred at the intersection of W. 5th Street and Mt. Vernon Avenue in San Bernardino shortly after midnight on Monday morning. Takeovers of this kind are becoming an increasingly common sight across the country and involved hundreds of individuals blocking the intersection to perform donuts in their cars and other dangerous stunts. They were even letting off fireworks.

In the midst of the takeover, a large semi-truck carrying furniture attempted to cross through but was blocked by revelers. Speaking with a witness, Fox 11 learned that at one point, the crowd opened the truck’s unlocked door and attacked the driver.

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“All I could do was just stand back and watch the incident,” the witness described. “He was outnumbered. There was a hundred people around that truck, and he was outnumbered.”

Not satisfied with simply attacking the truck driver, unruly attendees of the event opened up the rear doors of the truck and started to steal furniture from it.

Police eventually arrived on the scene but not before most of the perpetrators had left the scene.

Speaking with Fox 11, the brother of the truck driver said his sibling suffered bruises and bumps to his head in the incident. He was only able to flee when two vehicles blocking the path of his truck moved aside.

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