Taiga starts deliveries of its electric snowmobile

Taiga Motors announced that it officially started deliveries of the production version of its electric snowmobile: the 2022 Nomad.

It’s obviously a bit late in the season, but it is still an important step for the company and for the electrification of powersports.

Like the auto industry, the powersports world is being electrified, and Quebec-based Taiga Motors is one of the companies leading the way for electric snowmobiles and jet skis. Last year, Taiga made waves when it went public and raised $100 million to bring its electric vehicles to production.

Most of the money is going to be used for a big new factory in Shawinigan, but in the meantime, the company is starting low-volume production at a smaller facility in Montreal.

Production started in December 2021, and after validating the units, Taiga announced today that deliveries have started:

Taiga CEO Sam Bruneau commented on the announcement:

“The delivery of our Nomad snowmobile is the realization of a seven year vision to provide riders an electric snowmobile that does not compromise performance while preserving the environment. Our customers are now able to experience firsthand the revolutionary technology and cutting-edge design that makes Taiga a sustainable alternative, while outperforming traditional powertrains. We are just getting started in pushing the boundaries of what our technology can do and are laser-focused on ramping up snowmobile deliveries.”

As we previously reported, Taiga’s electric snowmobile start at $15,000, and three models are available to order:

Taiga Atlas Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Ekko Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobile

For now, only the last one, the Nomad, is being delivered, but the company is expected to expand production in Montreal.

However, as previously mentioned, the real volume is expected to come once the Shawinigan factory is up and running.

Taiga has also leveraged its electric powertrain technology to produce an electric jetski.

Electrek’s Take

This is an exciting time for electrifying powersports. There are starting to be several players, like Taiga and Volcon, entering the market, and they are putting pressure on the big existing players, like BRP, to accelerate their own efforts to electrify their offerings.

Full disclosure: I invested in Taiga and I’m a reservation holder for their snowmobile.

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Source : Autonews.com

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