Stolen BMW X6 Tries To Evade Police, Rear Ends And Flips Nissan X-Trail

A 36-year-old man has been arrested after leading police on a chase in a stolen BMW X6 near the Polish town of Wschowa.

It is reported that the man stole the X6 from Germany and the police in Wschowa became interested in the car after noticing the foreign license plates and recognizing some oddities with the driver’s behavior. The officers quickly turned on their lights and sirens but rather than pulling over, the man decided to try and make a run for it.

Dashcam footage from the pursuing police car shows the X6 speeding through the center of the small town, crossing onto the opposite side of the road and at one stage, overtaking two large trucks while driving towards oncoming traffic. Moments later, the 36-year-old rear-ends a Nissan X-Trail, sending it crashing into a wall and flipping onto its side.

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The BMW grinds to a halt and the man can then be seen trying to flee on foot but he was quickly arrested. A drug test performed by police detected the presence of unnamed intoxicants in the thief.

Images shared online by Polish police show that the X-Trail suffered extensive to its front end, both sides, and the rear end and quite clearly, it will not be repairable. The front-end of the X6 was also badly damaged when the man dumped it into the middle of the road.

Fortunately, the driver of the X-Trail was not injured in the crash. The man who stole the X6 also avoided injury.

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