Watch A Cocky BMW Driver Demonstrate His Need For Drifting Lessons

It’s easy to get excited when you go to an automotive event but this BMW driver let that excitement go to his head. As he left an event in Munich he tried to show off just a bit too much and ended up paying a hefty price as he finds the curb is tougher than his front suspension.

Titled “Street Drifting Fail in Munich,” it’s somewhat surprising in that it’s not the orange Lamborghini Huracan we see at first or the E90 M3 following, or even the Dodge Challenger behind them, that end up crashing. We all know how often poorly driven Challengers and Chargers end up here because of gloriously dumb accidents. However, that’s not the case here.

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No, it’s a classic BMW 6-Series driver that manages to watch every one of those hoonable sports cars leave without incident and then somehow decide that it was time to show them up with a sweet smoky drift. It clearly does not go to plan.

Well, the start of said drift goes OK as the boxy Beemer slides out quite easily but it’s that part where the driver overcorrects and then can’t slam on the brakes fast enough that catches him out. It reminds us of that saying, “it’s not the fall that will kill you, it’s the sudden stop at the end”.

When the 6-Series smacks the curb the front wheel that makes initial contact folds like it’s made of paper and we can only imagine what’s going on behind it. Late in the video, we see some of the aftermath.

Oil is everywhere so we hope it was just an oil pan issue and not something far more detrimental to the bottom end of the block. The front fender and lower bumper cover are clearly pretty wrecked as well. Hopefully, the next time this person decides to practice their drifting, they’ll do it with a lot more space and maybe where there aren’t people and video cameras.

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