R35 Nissan GT-R Goes For A Swim In Philippines After It Was Left Unsecured

Any motorsport event has the potential for things to go wrong, though it’s often the sporting vehicles that tend to encounter disaster rather than the spectators. However, in the case of one Nissan R35 GT-R, that was not the case as it slid off level ground into a body of water.

The incident occurred at a drag racing event in Cebu, a major island in the Philippines. A race between two modified Hondas was taking place when a bystander recording the race caught the GT-R sliding down the hill in the background. According to a witness who spoke to Motor1, the owner of the car had left it unattended in neutral and the parking brake disengaged, leading to the slide down the hill into its watery grave.

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GTR actual video

Posted by Ace Cortez on Saturday, April 23, 2022

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A rush of onlookers go to investigate the scene, but there’s obviously not much they can do. At this point, the car is almost completely submerged, and the open door, which allowed the passenger compartment to flood even quicker, can be seen getting bent beyond the limit of its hinges.

Another video shows the aftermath of the event with the sports car in its same nearly-submerged position. Seconds later, it sinks to the bottom without a trace, but with the help of a tow truck, they were eventually able to fish it out. Needless to say, though, while it suffered no physical damage apart from the door, this GT-R is likely totaled from flood damage.

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Source : Autonews.com

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