BMW M4 Driver Shows How Not To Leave A Car Show

We’ve become quite accustomed to seeing drivers doing some pretty stupid things while leaving car shows and usually, these people are driving Ford Mustangs. We can now add the actions of the driver and passengers of this BMW M4 Convertible to the long list of stupid antics we’ve seen at car meets.

This clip was filmed somewhere in the UK and shows the gloss black M4 Convertible leaving a car meet. While the BMW is a four-seater, the two rear-seat passengers thought it would be a good idea to sit on the rear decklid of the car, rather than in their seats. As if that wasn’t stupid enough, the driver then decided to quickly accelerate to see if his two friends could hang on.

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While one friend held onto the front passenger headrest, the second rear passenger wearing an all-black tracksuit didn’t hang on to anything and ended up sliding back across the decklid before falling to the ground and taking a pretty heavy hit to the top of his head. Fortunately, he quickly gets up and doesn’t appear to have been injured by the fall.

Making the incident all the more hilarious is the nonchalant reaction to a spectator with black hair who watched the whole thing. He appears entirely bemused by what he had just witnessed and in his head, was probably thinking about how foolish the group of friends were.

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