Gas Station Drifter Comes Head To Head With Incoming Cops

A BMW driver in Poland decided to test out his drifting skills at a gas station, only to end his perfect pendulum slide by meeting face to face with a cop car.

As captured by a security camera at a gas station in Siercza, Poland, the driver of a BMW 3-Series slides the vehicle around a grassy corner on the way to the main street, only to be met with a conveniently waiting cop car.

According to the Maloposka Police, the driver of the 21-year-old 3-Series was detained by police officers of the SPEED group from the Road Traffic Control Section of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow.

The driver must have seen the cop car just as the vehicle swung around the corner, but at that point it was already too late to hide, causing the police to flash their lights and stop the BMW in its circular-shaped tracks.

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Although the driver was able to keep control of the rear-wheel-drive car, there have been times when a drift attempt has gone much worse. Drifting at a gas station has to be one of the dumbest things you can do because any miscalculation could lead to a crash that causes a huge fireball.

The police take into account this risk, and at times have been known to fine drivers for not only performing acts that are dangerous to themselves, but also for endangering the safety of others. Drifting at a gas station is definitely a time when the safety of everybody is at risk.

The driver received a fine of PLN 5,000 ($1,170), six penalty points on their license, and had their vehicle registration withheld because of its poor condition. In Poland, drivers are allowed a maximum of 15 points for speeding before they face having their license withdrawn.

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