New York Bus Rear-Ends Stationary Dump Truck, Injuring 12

A collision between an MTA bus and a dump truck in Staten Island, New York injured a dozen people last week.

The crash occurred on March 7 at Richmond Terrace and Hamilton Avenue and was caught on the dashcam of a nearby motorist. This footage shows that the red dump truck was stopped in the right lane of the road at the time but did not appear to have its hazard lights flashing. Moments later, the blue MAT bus comes into view, slamming into the rear of the dump truck and pushing it roughly a dozen feet down the road before both vehicles come to a stop.

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Images published by Silive show the aftermath of the crash. The front end of the bus has been completely destroyed, in particular the passenger side. The windshield has been shattered and much of the bodywork has been torn up. Fortunately, the driver’s side of the bus wasn’t the side that hit the truck as if it was, the bus driver could have been seriously injured, or worse.

Local media reports that 12 people suffered minor injuries in the crash and were transported to the Staten Island University Hospital and the Richmond University Medical Center for treatment.

Local authorities are investigating the crash. It appears as though the dump truck was waiting near the entrance of a construction site when it was rear-ended by the bus.

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