TurnOnGreen EV700 32-Amp EV Charging Station Ultimate Review

Up next in the InsideEVs EV charging station ultimate review series is the EV700, made by TurnOnGreen. The EV700 is a 32-amp EVSE that can deliver up to 7.7 kW to an electric vehicle.

It’s also a plug-in unit and utilizes the NEMA 6-50 plug, unlike most pluggable charging stations today that use the NEMA 14-50 plug configuration, considered by many as the industry standard. 

TurnOnGreen EV700 charging station

The TurnOnGreen EV700 charging station after unboxing

The EV700 does have an adjustable power output that can be controlled either by the touchscreen or from an app where owners can set the power output between 6-amps and 32-amps. While charging at the full 32-amps the EV700 can add back roughly 22 to 32 miles of range per hour, depending on how efficient the electric vehicle is.  

The outer case is steel and is NEMA 3 rated so it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes standard with an 18-foot cable, which is shorter than we typically like to see. There is a 24-foot optional cable upgrade, but it’s an expensive option. The 24-foot cable adds $120 to the cost of the unit, which is not really in line with what optional longer cables usually cost on charging stations. We think TurnOnGreen should consider making a longer cable (20+ feet) standard. 

Turn On Green_EV700 ChargerRater score

While the EV700 is a WiFi and Bluetooth-connected smart-charger, it currently doesn’t really have a lot of smart-charging features. There’s no charging session history for you to view in the app and it’s not Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant compatible. It’s not yet approved for utility demand response programs and it hasn’t been Energy Star approved. 

However, you can control who uses the station and that’s an important feature for use in apartment complexes, workplaces, and other areas where access control is needed. The EV700 can be configured so that users need to initiate the charging session through the app, or they can be assigned an RFID card (the unit comes with 2 of them) to turn the station on. 

Additionally, because it is Bluetooth enabled, it can be used in parking structures that don’t have a WiFi connection. Users just need to be close enough to the station to connect to its Bluetooth signal and as long as they are authorized, can turn on the station and use it.

Other notable features are an emergency stop button, the outer case is hinged and can be opened with a key which is provided, its safety certified (TUV), and it comes standard with a 3-year warranty.

The EV700 costs $620 but is currently on sale (10% off) on Amazon and is available for the reasonable price of $568.00.

Source : Autonews.com

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