TS Bravo is the latest low-cost electric motorcycle with the specs and price to upend the industry

When Alrendo first rolled onto the scene with its 135 km/h (84 mph) TS Bravo electric motorcycles, the commuter bikes looked ready to inflict some serious damage on the conventional gas-bike market. And now that the model has received new upgrades and the company is expanding its reach across Europe, Oceania, and Asia, the future is looking quite bright for a new era of high-performance commuter electric motorcycles.

Alrendo is very forward about what it is and what it isn’t. These Asian-imported motorcycles look like fairly sporty naked bikes, but no one is going to set impressive times on the 1/4 mile drag strip on these rides.

The 200 km/h (125 mph) Zero SR/F electric motorcycle’s sales are probably safe, as that’s not what Alrendo is trying to compete with.

Instead, these bikes are designed to offer commuters an electric motorcycle that can pack in high-quality parts, high-capacity batteries, enough power for day-to-day use, and do it all for a reasonable price.

The Alrendo TS Bravo’s top speed of 135 km/h (84 mph) should be plenty for daily commuters, as few riders require higher speeds on their way to work.

The TS Bravo is powered by a mid-mounted motor rated for 11 kW continuous and 20 kW peak. The water-cooled motor is capable of operating more efficiently at higher-power levels due to its improved cooling, which is part of the reason it can better maintain its peak power levels compared to air-cooled motors.

The motor drives the rear wheel via a Gates carbon belt drive for reduced noise and maintenance.

The TS Bravo’s giant battery is perhaps one of its most impressive specs, and was recently boosted from a maximum of 16.6 kWh to 17.4 kWh.

That’s enough for 438 km (272 miles) of range at city speeds of 50 km/h (31 mph). At mixed city/highway riding averaging 80 km/h (50 mph), the TS Bravo has a reported range of 278 km (172 miles). And at faster 120 km/h (75 mph) highway blasting, the bike can still achieve an impressive 160 km (100 miles) of range.

That big battery makes this a heavy model at 245 kg (540 lb), though that is equivalent to the weight of leading flagship electric motorcycles like a Zero SR/F or a Harley-Davidson LiveWire One.

Those bikes may have more power and top speed, but the TS Bravo wins by much more than a mile when it comes to range.

The TS Bravo is also fairly quick-charging thanks to a powerful onboard 3.8 kW charger. It allows a full charge in around four hours from a typical 220V European 16A wall outlet.

Other features include a 7-inch color display, smartphone app connectivity, adjustable damping inverted front fork, nitrogen-filled rear shock with adjustable spring load, ABS braking, and 17″ Timsun tires.

The European price is €11,200 (approximately US $12,300) including 20% European VAT, meaning the price may vary slightly from country to country depending on local VAT tax rates. The TS Bravo is available across the EU, as well as in Switzerland, Russia, Norway, and Israel. But Alrendo isn’t stopping there. As the head of Europe Connor McRae explained to Electrek:

There are several South East Asian countries we are entering at the moment, and we are in final talks for the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Electrek’s Take

I have to say that this is a pretty sweet-looking opportunity for those that have been waiting for a long-range electric motorcycle that doesn’t cost $20K. Many gas bike riders are now looking for a more reasonably priced electric motorcycle that they can justify the cost of switching to, and this just may be it.

The TS Bravo is by no means a low-cost motorcycle in absolute terms (gas bikes are of course cheaper), but its specs and pricing make it an extremely high-value proposition compared to current leaders in the market.

Compare it to something like a Zero S, which has a similarly powerful 11 kW continuous-rated motor but a smaller 14.4 kWh battery. The Zero S is priced at around €17,000 in Europe – approximately 50% more than the TS Bravo. And not only is Alrendo much more affordable, but it offers over 40% more range than the more expensive Zero. Plus it has a liquid-cooled motor and an onboard charger that is 3x as powerful as the Zero S’s charger. And at something like twice the price of a SONDORS Metacycle, it has over 4x the battery and a much nicer design, not to mention the fact that you can already walk into a dealership and buy one today.

As much fun as I’ve had testing Zero’s bikes, the value here with Alrendo is hard to ignore. That being said, Alrendo surely doesn’t have the brand legacy or widespread dealer network of a longstanding company like Zero, but the specs on paper and the pricing comparison is certainly worthy of a second look.

I’ll definitely try to swing by my local Alrendo dealer and see if I can convince them to let me borrow one for a week or so to give it a solid test for you guys. With any luck, we’ll have that review coming soon.

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