This Is Why It’s Stupid To Speed In A Parking Garage

I have a few pet peeves but few things grind my gears quite as much as watching people driving too quickly through parking garages. It’s completely unnecessary, can be dangerous, and is just an accident waiting to happen. Take this video, for example.

This clip was recently shared to Reddit and shows the cammer driving up through the parking garage with a little too much speed and on two occasions, cutting into the opposing lane while going around a pair of corners. However, it was not the cammer that got into trouble.

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Instead, there are an equally as impatient driver behind the cammer who swiftly overtakes without a second thought. Overtaking proved to be a stupid decision, however, as it forced the driver onto the wrong side of the garage and when approaching a left-hand turn, they are confronted by a car driving down the garage and appear to slam into the front of it.

It is unclear how much damage was done to the cars but the whole thing obviously could have been avoided was the driver taking things a little more cautiously and not in such a rush.

Unsurprisingly, those commenting on the Reddit post with the video haven’t taken too kindly to the kind of driving on display. One Reddit asked “Who the f**k drives like that in a parking garage” while another said “People always take garages too fast. Garages are designed for 10 mph if even that. The problem is everyone is in a hurry and it pisses people off going this slow.”

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