This Honda S2000 Will Never Be The Same After Unplanned Meeting With Concrete Column

If you own a rear-wheel drive sports car and want to practice some powerslides, the best place to do it would be at an open drifting event or, if you absolutely have to do it in public, an empty parking lot with no other cars or obstructions. Perhaps the absolute worst place to do it is a parking lot with lots of concrete columns. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what the owner of this Honda S2000 decided to do.

This clip was uploaded to TikTok by the owner of this sweet silver S2000. It appears to have been filmed in Cyprus and starts by showing him kicking out the tail of the sports car while making a left turn around one of the columns. He then makes the bad decision to continue to spin up the rear tires and after applying a little too much throttle, the S2000’s rear end suddenly kicks out to the right.

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Unable to correct this slide, the driver jumps on the brakes and slams into one of the columns. The S2000 owner hasn’t uploaded any footage showing the aftermath of the damage but it seems likely that the front fascia and driver’s side front quarter panel have suffered quite a lot of damage, even though the impact happened at relatively low speeds. There’s a good chance the car will require a new bumper, hood, and front quarter panel, at the very least. It’s also possible that some damage was done to one of the wheels.

A look through the owner’s TikTok profile shows a number of other videos of him powersliding the S2000, including on the road and in parking lots. Evidently, he was a little too confident that he could drift the car around concrete columns as well.

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