The New Acura NSX Type S Shares Very Little In Common With The Iconic Original

The current NSX has never really received much love from buyers but with the new Type S variant, there’s no denying that Acura has made something quite special.

Acura created the Type S to send off the NSX in style. It has received a number of updated styling and aerodynamic details but most importantly, some important changes have been made under the skin. The guys from Throttle House recently put the car through its paces and they also brought along an original 1999 Acura NSX.

This wasn’t just any NSX either, but a rare Alex Zanardi edition, one of just 51 units sold in North America. Enthusiasts love this variant of the original NSX, so much so that an example with 12,000 miles (~19,300 km) under its belt sold for $277,000 back in September 2020.

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Obviously, the new NSX Type S is very different to the NSX Alex Zanardi. For example, the original weighs almost 1,000 lbs (453 kg) less than the new car and was also sold exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission.

While driving the new car on the track, the host notes that it is phenomenally quick and that the re-tuned transmission is excellent. The cacophony delivered by the hybrid powertrain is also better than non-Type S models and the reviewer notes that when driven at the kind of speeds you’d carry through a mountain road, the NSX Type S is one of the most confidence-inspiring and easiest to drive supercars he has ever experienced.

However, the NSX Type S doesn’t perform quite as well when pushed to its limits. In fact, it experiences a surprising amount of understeer and it is impossible to unsettle the rear of the car.

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