Rivian Driver Assistance Features Tested: Comparable To Tesla?

The Rivian R1T is a pretty compelling all-round package. It’s great off-road, has impressive straight-line performance and offers a ton of practical features. However, little has been said about its driver assistance tech. In his latest video Kyle Conner takes the R1T through his Hogback Driver Assistance Trial to test its self-driving capabilities.

The test is around 15 miles each way and features 50 corners. It also has plenty of changes in elevation. 

The R1T has a capacitive steering wheel and stayed central in its lane throughout the test. If you don’t touch the steering wheel the system will lock you out until you re-enter the vehicle. It also notifies you of upcoming sharp bends. Around corners it reacts well although it can jerk a bit too sharply at times. Thankfully, the Rivian R1T no longer phantom brakes as frequently as it used to due to an OTA update. That OTA update also seems to have fixed a glitch preventing lane keep from turning on during highway driving.

The R1T never disengaged its system and Kyle only had to intervene once. At times it didn’t feel smooth, but overall the R1T’s system has a lot of potential and made a good impression. Check out the full video for more info.

Source : Autonews.com

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