MnDOT’s Plowy McPlowFace has eight new co-workers—including Betty Whiteout

It was -22 degrees farenheight this morning in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I know this because I live here, and it was cold. But we have fun with the cold.

We let people vote on the names of our snowplows, in fact. Last year, Minnesotans chose Plowy McPlowFace as the name for one of the machines that keeps the roads clean.

Well, the snowplow better known as Plowy McPlowFace has just gained eight new friends. On Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) announced the class of 2022.

MnDOT Name a Snowplow Class of 2022

MnDOT Name a Snowplow Class of 2022

In no particular order, the graduating class consists of:

– Betty Whiteout, District 8

– Ctrl Salt Delete, District 7

– The Big Leplowski, District 4

– Plowasaurus Rex, Metro District

– Scoop Dogg, District 3

– Blizzard of Oz, District 2

– No More Mr. Ice Guy, District 1

– Edward Blizzardhands, District 6

Each of the plows will be labeled and sent to the assigned district later this month when the are put into service.

With 40,024 votes Betty Whiteout was the crowd favorite with nearly double the votes of Ctrl Salt Delete. A full breakdown of the voting totals can be seen here by clicking “2021-22 winners.”

Before any math whiz cries foul, MnDOT allowed people to vote for up to eight choices, which led to the final tallies differing from the overall number of votes. There were 122,435 unique voters, according to MnDOT.

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