Jaguar denies UK production of XE, XF sedans has ended

LONDON — Jaguar has denied a report that it is ending production of the XE and XF in the UK, saying it intends to resume building the sedans at an unspecified date in the future.

French auto analyst Inovev said Jaguar had ceased production of the sedans at its factory in Castle Bromwich, England, in March. leaving only output of the F-Type sports car at the plant.

Production of the XE and XF has been impacted by the global shortage of semiconductors, but the brand will fulfil existing orders for the sedans and continue to accept new ones for the two models, a company spokesman told Automotive News Europe.

“Like other automotive manufacturers, we are currently experiencing some COVID-19 supply-chain disruption, including the global availability of semiconductors, which is having an impact on our production schedules,” Jaguar said in a statement.

The Jaguar consumer website says the wait for both the XE and XF models is currently six months.

XE sales, excluding China, were just 416 in the first quarter, while the large XF sedan recorded 974 sales, company figures show.

Sales were much higher in China for the XE and XF models produced at Jaguar Land Rover’s joint venture Changshu plant, with 3,263 sales of the long-wheelbase XE in the same quarter and 2,990 sales of the long-wheelbase XF.

Jaguar’s total first-quarter sales figure of 19,570 was up on the last quarter of 2021, when sales fell 49 percent to 14,407, the lowest three-month total for the brand since 2013.

Jaguar will become an all-electric brand in 2025 and will not replace its current lineup, including the XE and XF, as it moves upmarket toward Bentley levels of pricing.

The Castle Bromwich plant will cease making new cars under the brand’s reinvention, CEO Thierry Bollore has said.

Inovev said the plant will build its last car in 2024.

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