Infiniti Driver Tries To Intimidate Motorist By Wielding A Hatchet Before Sending Another Into A Ditch

In what must be one of the weirdest videos we’ve seen recently, a Texas man has filmed an on-road interaction that sounds utterly absurd. After a minor traffic disagreement, one driver in an Infiniti G35X sedan busts out a hatchet before crashing into another vehicle.

The driver of the camera vehicle is DexFPV on Reddit and he’s piloting a 2021 Toyota Tacoma with a 3.5-liter V6 and a towing package with its 3.92 rear axle. He told Carscoops that nothing had happened before the Infiniti driver initially drove around him and then tried to brake check him.

The Tacoma drove around the old Infiniti and then merged onto the toll road – and that’s when the hatchet came out. After showing off the hatchet the G35X driver speeds away and then ends up smashing into a third vehicle with no apparent reason or cause, sending them into a ditch.

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This is an extremely odd behavior. What on Earth would anyone carry a hatchet in their car? And what exactly was the game plan? Were they really going to throw it at another motorist or their vehicle? Moreover, why the hatchet wielder runs into the totally innocent victim’s vehicle we will never know. It certainly doesn’t seem like there’s any other interaction between those two drivers prior to the crash.

In any case, according to DexFPV, the police showed up and the driver of the car that got sent into the ditch seemed to be alright, as he was walking and talking. Moreover, he wrote that “While talking to the cops, they got a call that they found the car in an AutoZone parking lot down the road. I asked if they found the guy, and the cop said no, but based on my description of him, ‘they think they know who he is’”.

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