Hamilton to race with mother’s maiden name

11:01 AM ET

Lewis Hamilton has said he is in the process of changing his name to include his mother’s maiden name, Larbalestier.

The seven-time Formula One world champion revealed his decision in front of a crowd at the 2022 Dubai Expo, ahead of this weekend’s season-opening grand prix in Bahrain.

“It would mean the world to my family [to win an eighth title],” Hamilton said. “It would mean a lot to me knowing that, for example, I am really proud of my family’s name, Hamilton.

“None of you might know that my mum’s name is Larbalestier, and I am just about to put that in my name.

“I don’t fully understand the whole idea that when people get married the woman loses their name, and I really want my mum’s name to continue on with the Hamilton name,” he added.

Hamilton’s mother Carmen, and his father, Anthony, separated when Hamilton was young. Both Carmen and Anthony later remarried, and Carmen took the surname of her second husband, Lockhart.

Hamilton did not specify what his full name would be and when the change would take place.

“I don’t know if it’ll be this weekend but we’ve been working on it,” he said.

Source : Autonews.com

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