GM Benchmarking Tesla Model Y As It Aims To Beat Tesla As Top EV Maker

Not long ago, we shared with you reports of General Motors benchmarking Tesla’s Model S Plaid performance sedan. Now, the automaker is reportedly benchmarking the Tesla Model Y as well.

Automakers benchmark competing vehicles all the time, as they should. GM has made it abundantly clear time and time again that it plans to surpass Tesla as the top EV maker. To do that, it will need to quickly launch more electric cars and SUVs and ramp up its production efforts. However, it has to produce EVs that people are compelled to buy.

Tesla has found more success than any other automaker when it comes to EVs. Moreover, it has somehow managed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the related chip shortage, and other supply chain constraints, some of which are a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, other automakers are struggling.

If GM is, in fact, benchmarking multiple Tesla vehicles, then Kudos to the automaker. This would further prove that the company is taking additional strides to live up to its future goals. If GM can learn not only how to produce more popular EVs, but also how to manufacture and deliver them in high volume amid global catastrophe, its goals of catching up with Tesla could be seen by many as much more realistic and attainable.

Teslarati covered the story, citing a tweet by Twitter user Brillianture, which shared the original story published by GM Authority.


According to General Motors, it will bring some 30 new EVs to market by 2025. The automaker has said that one major facet of its plans to top Tesla includes offering less expensive electric car options. Included in these upcoming models is an Equinox EV, along with models GM says will be even cheaper than the compact crossover.

While the Tesla Model Y is expensive, it’s the most successful EV crossover in the states in terms of production and sales. This is also true in some other areas across the globe. Cadillac dealers will begin taking orders this week for the brand’s luxury electric Lyriq crossover, which starts at around $60,000. For comparison, the Model Y starts at $62,990.

That said, there’s no reason GM’s Model Y benchmarking can’t be used as a point of reference for some of its future electric crossovers that are supposed to arrive with a much lower price tag. Keep in mind that Tesla did launch a much cheaper “base” version of the Model Y for a short time.

GM will just have to figure out how to take advantage of what it learns from Tesla, and then use it to bring compelling electric SUVs to market that undercut the Model Y on pricing.

GM Authority also noted that General Motors is benchmarking the larger and much more expensive Tesla Model X SUV. In addition, GM is reportedly using the Tesla Model 3 to explore the brand’s technology, such as Summon Mode.

As always, head down to the comment section and let us know your thoughts on this story. Will GM bring an affordable electric crossover to market that’s as compelling as the Model Y but much more affordable? Will it sell well?

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