Ford Mustang Loses Control And Survives Near Miss, Only To Be Hit With Instant Cop Karma

Ford Mustang drivers have a tendency to crash while showing off, but that’s strangely not the case this time around.

As you can see in this video posted to Reddit, the driver of a Mustang decided to kick the rear end out after making a turn at an intersection.

Unfortunately, their driving skills left something to be desired as they pulled the car out of the slide only to overcorrect and lose control. The driver quickly slams on the brakes and comes to a stop just inches away from a parked Mercedes E-Class.

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It’s amazing there wasn’t a collision, but the Mustang driver’s night quickly took a turn for the worse as police arrived within a matter of seconds. However, that didn’t stop the driver from reversing and apparently leading the officer on a chase. The video ends shortly thereafter and it’s unclear what happened next.

There’s no word on where the incident occurred and we can’t make out any badging on the Tahoe. Some people have even questioned whether or not the video is legitimate due to the vehicle having all blue lights.

While that’s always a possibility, noted there has been a “small but significant move by some agencies to forego the red/blue light variation for blue lights only.” As they pointed out, some studies have shown that blue lights are easier for people to see and some departments have adopted all blue lights as a result.

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