Drive Electric Earth Day continues this weekend, with in-person outdoor events around the US

Plug in America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association are hosting their annual Drive Electric Earth Day event where advocates educate attendees about EV ownership. While most events will take place on April 23-24, Earth Day weekend, events have been running all month, with over 180 events scheduled across the US (and a couple in Canada and New Zealand).

A few events will take place virtually, but this year we’re back to having mostly in-person, outdoor events. Drive Electric Earth Day is recommending that attendees mask and social distance. Some events may have their own COVID rules in place, so check each event page, follow local COVID rules and regardless, don’t show up if you’re feeling sick.

Drive Electric Earth Day is an offshoot of Drive Electric Week, a long-running annual event hosting meetups around the world. These events have been a great way to connect with owners and see the newest electric vehicle tech, and even get a chance to do test rides and drives in person. Attendees got to hear unfiltered information from actual owners about the benefits and trials of owning EVs, allowing for longer and more genuine (and often more knowledgeable) conversations than one might normally encounter at a dealership.

But that all changed when the coronavirus hit, and the last few events have been mostly online-focused. But now that free vaccines and boosters are out and the danger has dropped for vaccinated individuals, most events have returned to in-person this year.

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In-person events will largely consist of electric car shows and showcases of local green businesses. Online events will include seminars on EV ownership, including Q&A opportunities.

You can find a map of all events, or see it all in list form arranged by date. Each event has its own event page where you can see more information and register to attend. Registration helps organizers know how many people are coming (and if you’re bringing a car to show, you can list it in your registration), and also gives you a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card.

Here’s a list of a few interesting events happening around the country:

Again, these are only a few of the planned events. Click through to the event page to see if there’s anything you’re interested in, be sure to register so you can get updates and help organizers know how many people will attend, and get excited to learn more about electric car ownership from actual owners.

So check out the launch video (also embedded above) and see what it’s all about, then show up and learn some new things about electric cars. If you’ve got some friends who might be interested in EVs, or might need to learn more, tell them or bring them along. Or just check out one of the online events if there’s nothing nearby that fits your schedule.

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