Chatty mom hypes Carvana experience in first Super Bowl ad for used-vehicle retailer

An “oversharing mom” who can’t stop talking about her Carvana buying experience takes center stage in the online used-vehicle retailer’s first-ever Super Bowl ad.

Carvana released the 30-second commercial on Wednesday. It will air nationally during the Feb. 13 game.

It depicts a talkative mom character telling person after person she encounters — her son, an elevator full of people, a grocery store employee, a hairstylist, guests at a wedding and more — that she had a pleasant customer journey.

The spot highlights key aspects of the sales process Carvana advertises: Vehicles can be purchased entirely online and refunds are available for customers who decide within seven days that they don’t like their selected car.

The idea that “your next customer may be your mom” inspired the ad, Carvana Chief Brand Officer Ryan Keeton said in a news release.

Carvana calls the campaign “We’ll Drive You Happy.”

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