77-YO Rocker Rod Stewart Picks Up A Shovel To Fix Local Road Because “My Ferrari Can’t Go Through”

Aging rocker Sir Rod Stewart put down his microphone and picked up a shovel to help workmen fill potholes on a road near his home home in Essex, England.

The 1970s sex symbol, whose hits appropriately include a tune called “Hard Road”, was seen on an Instagram post shoveling chunks of gravel from the bed of a pickup truck, claiming that the road was so bad that he couldn’t drive his supercar down it. First world problems, eh?

“I’m repairing the street where I love because no one can be bothered to do it,” Rod says to the camera. “It’s been like this for ages. People are smashing their cars up and the other day there was an ambulance with a burst tire. My Ferrari can’t go through her at all, so me and the boys thought we’d do it ourselves.”

Stewart, who famously asked fans if they thought he was sexy in song while prancing around in a leopard print leggings in his younger days, looks almost as eye-catching here, but only because he is wearing a high-viz jacket as he bemoans the millions of pounds being spent on the M11 motorway only a few miles away.

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But Essex Count Council, whose responsibility it is to keep the road in good condition, was less than impressed with Sir Rod’s DIY antics. “You can’t take matters into your own hands,” cabinet member Lee Scott told BBC News. “All road repairs have to be done to a professional level or the person doing it could become liable for any problems or accidents,” he added.

We’re not sure exactly what kind of Ferrari Sir Rod can’t get down the road, but a recent story in The Daily Mail showed him getting into a white F8 Tributo. The ex-Faces frontman is a self-confessed car nut with an incredible back catalogue of desirable supercars. According to GQ, Stewart spent the spoils from his earliest hits on a Marcos GT in the 1960s before progressing to a Lamborghini Miura after topping the charts with Maggie May in 1971.

More recent Lamborghinis that have passed though his hands include a Diablo and a Gallardo Spyder, but we hear selling a 2003 Enzo was one of his biggest regrets as they’re now worth millions. Still, he had worse luck as a Porsche owner. Stewart was carjacked in Hollywood in the early 1980s by a thief who relieved him of his Turbo Carrera – and then couldn’t start the car so had to get Stewart to show him how at gunpoint.

Source : Autonews.com

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