Unbelievably Lucky Guys Cheat Death In Final Destination-Like Crash After Lotus Flies Into Lamp Post

Many of us love taking our preferred vehicle out for a little spirited drive from time to time but it’s amazing how fast that dream can turn into a nightmare. This Lotus owner from Hong Kong found that out the hard way when he lost control of his Exige and ran into a light post which scattered the sports car into thousands of pieces.

Thankfully, he and his passenger survived with only minor injuries. In fact, in one of the pictures of the aftermath, we see the passenger checking his phone as he awaits for the emergency crews.

The video below shows the entire accident from many moments before the crash takes place. While we certainly can’t be dogmatic about the cause of the wreck we can be confident in saying that modern safety technology played a role in keeping both passengers in one piece.

TheSunDaily reports that both the 42-year old driver and his 28-year old passenger complained about chest and neck pains, but other than that, they were perfectly fine. Considering that they went from a very high speed to zero miles per hour in the span of less than two seconds, we’d say they’re very fortunate to not have sustained worse injuries.

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It certainly highlights how far modern safety equipment has come as the entire car is basically cut in half by the light pole but both passengers stay safely buckled into their seats. At the same time, it’s a great reminder of how fast things can literally go sideways during a spirited drive.

Conditions in the video don’t look optimal for driving in a spirited manner and perhaps the slick road had something to do with how quickly this Exige went from a hardtop to a roadster. It’s also remarkable that the speed of the vehicle created enough force to lift it up onto the divider and that the lamp post didn’t give way at all either.

We guess they don’t fold as easily as video games have us believe they would. Next time you go out to do a little passionate driving make sure you’re considering all the factors surrounding you. At the end of the day, we’re just glad that these two guys escaped relatively unscathed. From what we can see, things could’ve been much worse if that light pole had hit the cabin more squarely.

Warning: While no one was seriously injured in this incident, some viewers may find the following media distributing

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Lead image Supercar.fails / dimsumdailyhk Instagram

Source : Autonews.com

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