Unbelievable Accident Shows Jaguar E-Pace Taking GMC Acadia For A Ride

A crash involving three vehicles has been captured on camera and shows the devastating effects of careening through a red light.

This dashcam footage was recently shared to Twitter and filmed from a vehicle waiting at a red light at an intersection. In the first few seconds, a pedestrian can be seen walking in front of the cammer while in the distance a GMC Acadia can be seen approaching the light from the opposite direction.

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However, rather than stopping, the driver plows through the intersection and gets T-boned by a Honda Pilot traveling across the intersection. The force of this impact kicks the GMC onto its side and throws it into the air where it narrowly avoids hitting the cammer and the man walking across the intersection.

For a few seconds, the GMC disappears from view and only comes back into sight after hitting the front of a white Jaguar E-Pace and coming to a rest on its front end.

Details about the crash, such as when it occurred and just where it happened, are unclear but it’s pretty obvious that all three SUVs involved were left with extensive damage.

The front end of the Honda, for example, was immediately crushed after it slammed into the side of the GMC. Meanwhile, the front and sides of the Acadia appear to have been badly damaged, as was the undertray after hitting the E-Pace. As for the Jaguar, the unassuming victim in the whole thing, its front end has likely been destroyed by the impact of the Acadia.

Source : Autonews.com

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