Try Not To Squirm As A New Dodge Challenger Widebody Gets Wrecked While Drifting

A Dodge Challenger Widebody has been seriously damaged after its driver got a little too eager with the throttle and drifted the muscle car directly into a curb.

It is unclear precisely where in the U.S. this clip was filmed but regardless of where it happened, there’s a chance the Challenger could end up at a Copart auction lot looking for a new home.

The video starts by showing the driver of the Dodge performing a smoky burnout in the middle of the road and in front of a bunch of spectators. Before long and either intentionally or unintentionally, the Dodge’s rear end starts to kick out to the left. Unable to properly control the slide, the driver keeps the throttle pinned and the rear passenger side wheel slams directly into a curb.

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We’ve seen cars hit curbs in the past while trying to drift but this impact is particularly severe and briefly sends the rear of the Dodge up into the air.

While we don’t have any images taken in the aftermath of the crash that fully detail all the damage done, it looks serious and the car may have to be scrapped. For one, the wheel has been badly bent and likely cracked, the tire was popped, and it sounds like a lot of important mechanical components were damaged, including suspension parts and probably the rear axle – maybe even the car’s subframe.

Making matters even worse for the owner of the Dodge is the fact that the Challenger looks to have only been recently delivered and is still rocking its paper license plates.

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