Toyota Camry Driver Runs Red Light, T-Bones SUV And Flips It On Its Side

Getting into an accident is bad enough but things don’t get much worse than getting into an accident that was entirely someone else’s fault and could have been easily avoided. That’s exactly what this dashcam footage shows.

This crash happened in the Australian suburb of Fitzroy, not far from the center of Melbourne and shows just how dumb it is to run a red light.

The video starts off by showing the cammer approaching an intersection late at night. She has a green light and the right of way. However, if you look to the right, you will notice a white Toyota Camry coming in the opposite direction make a right turn and begin to travel towards the path of the cammer.

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This particular road, known as Alexandra Parade, has a large grass median strip, allowing cars to safely wait in the middle of the intersection when traveling across it. After making the right-hand turn, the Camry driver should have stopped and waited to get a green light. Instead, they kept driving, passing through a red light in the process and cutting off the cammer.

The cammer doesn’t notice the Camry until it’s too late and is unable to make any attempt to avoid the crash. She ends up getting T-boned by the driver of the Toyota who had the audacity to blare their horn at her as if they were in the right.

While the Camry isn’t traveling particularly fast, it hits the cammer’s SUV at such an angle that it immediately flips it onto its side and spins it around. The SUV then slams onto the pavement, narrowly avoiding a pair of pedestrians who were waiting at the intersection.

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