Tornado-Damaged C8 Corvette Parts Hit eBay Before Facing The Crusher

C8 Corvette parts are stacking up on eBay following a tornado that caused significant damage to the factory and the vehicles that were being built there.

Recently, we reported about the over 100 C8 Corvettes that had been lined up outside Chevrolet’s Bowling Green Kentucky plant. According to The Corvette Blogger, Sticker Auto Parts in Batavia, Ohio seems to have received at least a few of those tornado-damaged C8 Corvettes.

The tornado ravaged nearby homes and businesses and caused a fire on the roof of the assembly plant which allowed water to damage Corvettes that were still being assembled. Since the vehicles can’t be sold to the public, they’re only good for parts before being sent to the crusher.

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The eBay listings for the parts also have pictures of the vehicle that they came off of, with a large X clearly visible on the windshield, matching those that were sitting in the yard. A photo from one of the listings for a steering wheel shows the dashboard of the vehicle showing 0 miles on the odometer, confirming that it never left the factory under its own power.

People are crashing these things all over the place, and repair shops are having a hard time getting replacement parts due to ongoing supply shortages. While buying from eBay is probably not the preferred way for shops to get their parts, it could be the only way to get customers’ vehicles back on the road after waiting for months.

According to The Insurer, a global risk industry website, the estimated total damage caused to the plant is over $225 million, with $175 million of that accounting for the physical damage, and the other $50 million for the losses incurred from service interruptions.

Photos Courtesy Stricker Auto Parts eBay

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