Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai to remain closed until at least Thursday: report

China’s ongoing Covid lockdowns are still affecting Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai facility. As per recent reports, Giga Shanghai’s shutdown has stretched out to at least 12 days, a substantial amount of time that could adversely affect the company’s vehicle production and delivery numbers this second quarter. 

Shanghai has extended its Covid lockdowns indefinitely, likely as a way to curb the growing threat of the Omicron variant. With a record number of cases, Shanghai has all but become the epicenter of the country’s Covid outbreak, which is considered the worst that China has faced since the pandemic began. 

As per a Bloomberg report, electric vehicle maker Tesla has reportedly informed some of its suppliers and employees at Gigafactory Shanghai that the facility would be shut down until at least Thursday. Gigafactory Shanghai’s vehicle production activities have been on pause since March 28, when the city entered into its phased lockdown strategy. The information was reportedly shared by individuals familiar with the matter, who opted to remain anonymous. 

Overall, Tesla has effectively lost about 12 days of vehicle production in recent weeks. This could prove detrimental to Tesla’s second-quarter results, seeing as Gigafactory Shanghai currently stands as the company’s primary vehicle export hub. Last year alone, Gigafactory Shanghai accounted for about half of Tesla’s vehicle production and deliveries, and that’s with the site’s Model Y plant being ramped. 

Tesla China has not issued a comment about these recent reports as of writing. 

China’s ongoing Covid lockdown has already dealt a blow to the country’s economy. However, an uncontrolled outbreak of the virus would likely lead to an even worse scenario. This was something that was highlighted by economist Eric Zhu in a comment to Bloomberg

“Shanghai’s lockdown has dealt a blow to China’s economy. But an out-of-control outbreak would lead to an even worse outcome. Choosing lockdowns — despite their growing costs — suggests China is not yet ready to take an alternative Covid exit path,” Zhu said. 

While Gigafactory Shanghai already plays a substantial role in Tesla’s operations, the company is reportedly looking to expand its presence in China even further. Previous reports have suggested that Tesla is looking to start work on a new Shanghai plant soon, which should be located close to Gigafactory Shanghai. This upcoming facility could help Tesla China ramp its vehicle production to 2 million per year

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai to remain closed until at least Thursday: report

Source : Autonews.com

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