Tesla Driver Stupidly Aims For The Stars With Unbelievably Reckless Jump In Los Angeles

We’ve seen some pretty crazy and dim-witted stunts unfold on the internet, but this one gents, takes the cake. Apparently, after leaving a Tesla meet in Los Angeles on Saturday night, the owner of a Model S decided to aim for the stars jumping a residential street at Echo Park in full speed. Spoiler alert, it’s said that no one was hurt in the following incident – cat in the car included.

YouTuber Alex Choi shared a video of the Tesla meet and drive that concluded with said Model S owner performing a mindless stunt that sent the electric sedan flying up into the air before crashing down uncontrollably on the other side of the street.

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“So the drive went over without any incident and this random dude wanted to show me the place David Dobrik jumped his Tesla,” Choi says in the video. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, we’ll remind you that a couple of years ago, Dobrik completed a stunt that sent a Model X flying over a speed bump on a residential street in a Los Angeles suburb.

Choi then says that everyone in the Tesla convoy pulled over to watch the driver of the Model S engage in the jump without even doing at least a regular drive-by the intersection to get a feeling of the road and the conditions.

To the surprise of no one other than the person behind the wheel, the Model S came crashing down, taking all the neighborhood’s trash cans with it before stopping on a Subaru Forester. According to Choi who approached the car once it came to a stop, neither the driver nor the passengers inside the Model S were hurt. Oh, there was also a cat inside that surely used up one of its nine lives to come out shaken but unscathed.

This could have ended worse, much worse

It’s not hard to see from the videos how this incident could have easily ended in tears for everyone involved – from the driver and passengers to the guys filming with their phone cameras on the side and the residents of the adjacent houses.

Given all the publicity and wealth of videos that have surfaced online about the stunt, we guess we’ll be hearing more about this incident sooner rather than later.

Correction: While the incident was originally thought to have happened in San Fransisco, it occurred in Los Angeles at the intersection between Baxter and Alvarado streets.

Lead screenshot Alex Choi

Source : Autonews.com

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