Tesla China to fix Model 3 Performance Track Mode issue through OTA update

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has announced that Tesla will recall over 14,000 Tesla Model 3 Performance units over a fault in the vehicles’ speed units when Track Mode is engaged. The issue would be addressed through a free over-the-air (OTA) update. 

According to the SAMR’s announcement, the recall would involve a total of 14,684 Model 3 Performance. A total of 1,850 affected vehicles were imported from the United States and 12,834 were produced domestically at Gigafactory Shanghai. The Model 3 Performance units affected by the recall were produced between January 12, 2019, and March 25, 2022. 

Due to a software issue, the affected Model 3 Performance units’ infotainment system would not display speed units when Track Mode is engaged. This meant that drivers would only see numerical values in their speedometer, and no speed units like “KM/H.” 

According to the SAMR, this issue could affect a driver’s correct understanding of their vehicle’s speed information. This could be especially risky in high-speed driving, which is what Track Mode is specifically designed for. The Chinese regulator noted that in extreme cases, the missing speed units might even result in an increased risk of collision. 

For now, the SAMR advises owners of affected Model 3 Performance units to drive carefully when using Track Mode

Fortunately, the issue is software-based, which means that Tesla China would be able to address the fault using an OTA software update. Tesla would be rolling out software update 2022.12 or later to the affected vehicles, which should allow Track Mode to display speed units again. Similar to Tesla’s other recalls, affected drivers simply need to ensure that their cars are connected to the internet to receive the software fix. 

Tesla China has also noted that affected vehicles that cannot be fixed through an OTA update would be contacted by the company so that they can have their Model 3 Performance updated in a Tesla Service Center. Owners whose vehicles are part of the recall would not be charged any fees as well. 

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Tesla China to fix Model 3 Performance Track Mode issue through OTA update

Source : Autonews.com

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