Segway unveils new 30+ MPH seated electric scooter for the international market

Segway has come a long way from its nerdy self-balancing transporter days. Several new models and one acquisition later, the company has some quite respectable entries in the larger electric mobility market. Case in point: the new Segway E110A electric scooter, which shows off a combination of stylish design and some interesting tech under the panels.

The Segway E110A was just announced during the company’s 2022 Press Day, and marks a new point in Segway’s electric scooter evolution.

The performance of the E110A is likely to help it slip into moped-level regulatory classes in many countries, as well as in several US states.

The scooter features a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). Many US states cut off moped-class registrations at 30 mph, though the Segway might be able to squeak by with some creative labeling.

The E110A features a 1.8 kWh battery, which the company claims will help it achieve a range of 57 km (35.5 miles).

Power comes from a rear hub motor rated at 1.1 kW, though with a peak power output of 1.5 kW.

Those aren’t exactly hotrod numbers, but the scooter isn’t designed for a sporty ride. This is very much an urban commuter scooter, and the performance specs reflect that use case.

Segway has also done a nice job with the design, offering an elegantly contoured body with glossy finish. As the company describes it:

“The E110A accentuates modern luxury through its bold colors and flowing lines. Its gentle contours tracing from the generously padded seats to the comfortable leg space are inviting yet subtle. The same theme applies to its critical safety features. Its high-visibility lights, digital dashboard and even the kickstand seamlessly blend into the frame to create a cohesive feel.”

The E110A is designed to carry up to two riders, and also features 27L (1 cubic foot) of storage space under the seat.

The scooter rolls on tubeless tires and features dual disc brakes as well as IPX5 water resistance.

The E110A also has some handy tech packed into the body.

As Segway explains:

“When it’s not in use, riders can manage and track the location of their E110A using real-time position tracking through the Segway-Ninebot App. Moreover, the e-Scooter features remote key and password unlock capabilities, as well as over 30 BMS safeguards to keep the vehicle’s battery safe.”

Segway has yet to release any pricing or availability information, but past models might give us a clue.

The E110A looks to be an update from the E110S model, which is already available in Europe for €2,299 (approximately US $2,500).

As Segway has expanded many new models into the US, we could see the E110A become available stateside – though the company has made no promises.

You can see the launch video below.

[embedded content]

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