Poor Unsuspecting Camry Driver Gets Hit By Two Wheels In Weird Accident

Footage has emerged online of a Toyota Camry driver getting absolutely walloped by two wheels sent flying down the road by a crashing vehicle.

Posted to Reddit’s popular IdiotsInCars sub, the video shows not only the misfortune of the Camry driver but the destructive power of wheels when they become unmoored from their vehicle.

The Camry appears to be waiting to turn right at a red light when a wheel hits its rear three-quarter panel. As the driver, no doubt spooked by the incident, tries to accelerate forward a second wheel hits the front three-quarter panel. Well, at least there’s a certain symmetry to the accident.

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The wheels do miss the cabin, which is good news for the driver, though the damage could have easily set off the airbags.

It’s hard to know quite what happened with the vehicle that launched the wheels because the video starts frustratingly in media res. It appears to be a pickup truck (though the quality is very poor making it hard to know quite what it is) that enters the frame in the process of losing its right rear wheel. It spins out of control and loses its left rear wheel, too.

Whether some unseen third party contributed to the damage or the wheels simply weren’t affixed properly is impossible to say but either way, it’s hard not to feel bad for the Camry‘s driver, who was simply minding their own business when the runaway tires ruined their day.

Source : Autonews.com

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