New Entry-Level 2025 Volkswagen EV Teased And It’s Not The ID Life

We saw the Volkswagen ID Life concept at its debut in Munich last year and it seemed to have been fairly well received at the motor show and by the press generally speaking. But it looks like they did not deem it the right direction for the brand’s small EV, set to be unveiled in 2025, as now they are teasing a very different model that has taken the ID Life’s place.

When we say different, we just mean compared to the boxy concept. In a new teaser shown by VW, it looks a lot like an ID.4 or an ID.5. It is clearly still a crossover, but a much more rounded and not-at-all retro looking, although it will probably keep the ID Life’s philosophy for using recycled and recyclable materials in the vehicles main components.


Skoda also showed its interpretation of the same formula and while it’s certainly appealing, it’s not especially interesting. It foretells the arrival of a small, boxy electric crossover with big wheel arches (possibly left unpainted bare plastic) that is going more of the SUV look rather than the tall hatchback look like VW – out of these three teasers, this one looks most like the VW ID Life…

Cupra’s answer to these two teasers is an image we know from 2021. It shows a much sportier looking model that that has a whiff of hot hatch about it. We know it will be inspired by the Cupra UrbanRebel concept, but if you compare the teaser with the concept, you will see they are actually quite different.


All these vehicles are expected to debut in 2025 and they will all be built upon simplified front-wheel drive version of the MEB platform and they should start at around €20,000 in Europe. It’s worth noting that these manufacturers may choose to have both hatchback and crossover models in the same size brackets, so we could actually see up to six not three new EVs debut in 2025.

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