Mercedes-Benz brings back most V-8 models in US for 2022 including G-Class

The V-8’s death in most 2022 Mercedes-Benz models didn’t last long.

On Tuesday, Motor Authority confirmed Mercedes-Benz will open order banks on February 2 at 3 pm ET for the GLE-, GLS-, and G-Class models with twin-turbo V-8s under their hoods.

Dealers received a notice, which MA has seen and verified to be real, last Friday making them aware of the change.

Specifically, the GLE 580, GLE 63, GLE 63S, GLS 580, GLS 63, GLS 600 Maybach, and both the G 550 and G 63 models are coming back online.

The notice informed dealers that 2022 model year orders previously placed in the system will be now be available and can be placed once any modifications needed are made. Leftover model year 2021 orders will be converted to 2022 model year orders.

Notably absent are the E-Class sedan and wagon, along with the CLS and entire AMG GT lineup.

In August the V-8 models were jettisoned from the lineup. The automaker said at the time it was prioritizing its focus to comply with global, external, and internal requirements along with facing supply chain issues. The change took affect immediately.

The AMG GT is set to return, one way or another, as it’s being redesigned for the 2023 model year. Prototypes of the 2023 AMG GT were spotted undergoing cold weather testing in January.

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