Mass Police Troll Driver Of 2021 Corvette C8 Who Rolled Over In Cranberry Bog

Yet another C8 Corvette Stingray has been wrecked after one careened off the road in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Details about the incident are limited but an image posted to Facebook by the Plymouth Police Department shows the Corvette being pulled out of what looks like a shallow lake.

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The individual who runs the department’s Facebook page clearly found the entire incident quite amusing, stating that “a beautiful 2021 Corvette should never be used as an instrument to make cranberry sauce. Earlier today, this Corvette became ‘the one that you find in a second hand store’.”

The post notes that the driver was not injured in the crash and was issued with a criminal citation for negligent operation. He also apparently suffered some “cranberry stains on his ‘members only’ jacket.” The post also suggests that speed played a role in the crash.

Photo Plymouth Police Department

As just a single image of the 2021 ‘Vette has been posted online, it is hard to determine just how much damage it sustained. In fact, pretty much all we can see is the flat underbody of the mid-engined sports car. We suspect quite a lot of damage has been done, particularly given that the car landed in water.

This isn’t the first wrecked C8 Corvette we’ve come across this month. A couple of weeks ago, two 2022 Corvettes found their way onto Copart after they were involved in separate crashes. Making it particularly sad to see the lives of those two cars cut so short was the fact that one, painted Caffeine Metallic, had been driven just 433 miles (696 km) when it was wrecked while the second had just 508 miles (817 km) on its odometer.

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