Grizzl-E Smart EV Charger: Built Tough For Home And Businesses Alike

United Chargers has just re-launched its Grizzl-E Smart EV Charger for home and commercial charging of electric vehicles. This is the first mass-produced EV Charger in North America that can connect to any EV Charging software provider that supports OCPP 1.6J protocol. With its OCPP connection and available ChargeLab commercial software, the Grizzl-E Smart is the most versatile and affordable commercial EV Charging solution on the market today. It starts at just $539.

With Wi-Fi Smart Connectivity, the Grizzl-e Smart EV Charger lets you dig into the details of how your electric vehicle is working at any given moment. The connection and software allow you to take control of your home or commercial charging situation by viewing your car’s charging statistics and controlling your charger remotely. The system also lets you set a charging schedule and work with any Demand/Response utility programs you might have access to.  

Grizzl-E smart

Because the Grizzl-E Smart isn’t tied to any particular software and allows the owner to select their choice of third-party software for connecting and billing, it provides more independence and freedom for charge station operators. Other charging units require using the software pre-installed and made by the manufacturer, taking away the ability to choose the software that suits your needs the best.

Grizzl-E’s open software platform can also offer station owners more profits since they have more choice when it comes to choosing the software that offers them a better fee and commission structure. If there’s more competition behind the scenes, EV charging costs can be reduced for drivers, and public charging can become more profitable for property owners.

Only open chargers like the Grizzl-E Smart can spark competition and promote the growth of EVSE software provider companies, which can help lower licensing and connection fees, which will then allow small and medium businesses to invest and actually capitalize on the Level 2 commercial EV charging market.

The Grizzl-E provides benefits not only to private owners but also to fleet operators thanks to the available ChargeLab commercial software, which makes the Grizzl-E Smart the most affordable and robust commercial level 2 EVSE out there. United Chargers has installed its first pilot installation with the Alectra utility company in Vaughan, Ontario. United Chargers’ goal is to make public EV charging profitable.

The currently available options on the market make profitability very difficult to achieve due to the high initial cost and onerous networking fees and commissions. The Grizzl-E Smart is the first and one of the most important steps to enable ubiquitous public level 2 charging points.

Grizzl-E Smart connects with third-party software providers in order to power share, provide authentication, collect payments and easily work in multifamily and fleet environments. Thanks to all of those features, the Grizzl-e Smart fulfills United Chargers’ goal of building affordable commercial EV chargers that can make money for any business that installs them for EV drivers.

The unit is unique in that it is an OCPP compliant charger, and can connect to any approved software provider. Currently, United Chargers has verified only ChargeLab, but soon, there will be many more software choices, allowing the user to select the software that suits their needs and budget.

Like other United Chargers’ units – the Grizzl-E Classic, for example – the Grizzl-E Smart uses a NEMA 4 aluminum cast robust enclosure to protect it from the elements. United Chargers is based in Canada and makes sure to design its equipment durable enough to handle the hottest summers of Arizona, as well as the coldest winters of Canada.

The Grizzl-E Smart EV Charger comes with a premium 24-foot cable, mounting kit, and an EasyEVPlug Holster cable management system.

Here are the product specifications for the AC Level 2 unit:

  • Powerful 40-amp (10 kW) delivery
  • Adjustable power: 40a, 32a, 24a and 16a
  • J1772 Type 1 connector
  • Up to 30 miles per hour charging speed
  • Available with either NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 plug configurations (can also be hardwired by a licensed electrician)
  • IP67 water and fire-resistant indoor/outdoor enclosure
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors thanks to a NEMA 4 aluminum cast robust enclosure
  • Energy Star Certified and UL Certified for USA and Canada
  • Proudly made in Canada

The Grizzl-E Smart is sure to make as big an impact on the commercial market as the Grizzl-E Classic has for residential users. The Grizzl-E Classis is not only an InsideEVs top-rated charger, but it’s also an Amazon bestseller in Canada, and the second best-selling Amazon charger in the USA, even though it isn’t a smart charger. 

Head over to the United Chargers website for more information and to order the Grizzl-E Smart. 

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