Going Slow Under 11 Foot 8 Bridge Definitely Won’t Save Your Camper Trailer

The streets were silent on April 26th, 2022, construction and road closures on nearby Gregson St. meant that the intersection where the 11 foot 8 bridge resides was a peaceful and tranquil area. It was the calm before the storm, however, as the sounds of smashing metal and honking horns would soon pierce the air.

As our victim slowly enters the frame, a sign with huge letters that reads “OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN” flashes overhead, causing a hesitation, but nevertheless, it’s full steam ahead for the driver and their barely-too-tall camper trailer, and a clean shave for the top of the trailer.

You might think that hearing the sounds of crunching metal and scraping would cause somebody to stop proceeding in a particular direction, but nope. The driver proceeds, as if going slower was going to make it hurt less.

Even the honks from other concerned drivers couldn’t deter the victim from simply reversing, and just like that, North Carolina’s 11 foot 8 + 8 bridge claimed another victim.

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According to the video description, this is crash number 175 since April of 2008 when the YouTube channel went live. It seems like no matter what the city does, people just won’t stop crashing into the bridge. A huge sign in between the traffic lights literally tells drivers that their rigs are too tall now, and a bright yellow beam across the width of the road protects the actual bridge from damage.

The bridge was even raised from 11 feet 8 inches to 12 feet 4 inches some time ago, but for some reason, people just can’t help crashing into it. Maybe they think the measurement isn’t accurate or something? But the scratched paint on the metal bar would suggest that this isn’t a good bridge to try and defeat.

Source : Autonews.com

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