Ford Mustang Gets Rear-Ended, Driver Chases After Honda CR-V

Crashing into a car and attempting to flee the scene is a very dumb idea, as the owner of this Honda CR-V recently discovered in the U.S.

It’s unclear exactly where in the U.S. this video was filmed but dashcam footage shows the driver of a Ford Mustang sitting at a red light when they are rear-ended by the Honda. Rather than stopping to exchange information like any responsible driver should do, the driver of the CR-V decided to make a break for it. The Mustang driver though wasn’t willing to let them escape that easily. The video shows the driver of the Mustang pinning the throttle of the their muscle car in the pursuit of the CR-V.

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The driver of the Honda quickly makes a left turn down a residential street but the Mustang follows closely behind. The chase continues for several minutes during which time the drivers of both the Honda and Ford run multiple red lights and squeeze their way through traffic. Admittedly, the Mustang driver does show some very impressive skills behind the wheel but behaving like this on a public road is never a good idea.

At one stage, the Honda driver veers off the road while making a right-hand turn but that doesn’t stop him. While all of this is happening, the driver and passenger of the Mustang call the police to report the man’s license plate.

It isn’t until the 3-minute mark that the Honda driver decides he can’t escape the Ford and pulls up near a construction area before taking off on foot.

It is unclear if the driver of the Honda has been caught but if we were the driver of the Ford, we’d be very worried about local authorities finding this footage and coming after us as well as the Honda driver.

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