Ford Mustang Driver Escapes Embarrassing Error Leaving Car Meet – This Time

The driver of this Ford Mustang should be thanking some kind of higher power after losing control of the pony car but fortunately not hitting any other motorists or pedestrians.

This video was shared to the always-entertaining IdiotInCars thread on Reddit and filmed at the conclusion of a car meet. Initially, it shows a Nissan 300ZX pulling away from the event without drama. A Toyota 86 then pulls away, also without issue. The next two cars are Subaru WRX STI models and they too manage to leave the event without any problem.

However, the driver of the Mustang thought it would be a smart idea to try and show off his driving skills to those at the car meet, hitting the car’s throttle hard after leaving and spinning up the rear tires.

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Unable to correctly control the slide, the driver of the Mustang overcorrects and slides to the left. Fortunately, he managed to back off the throttle, helping the Ford regain a bit of traction as it swerves into the oncoming lane, cutting off another vehicle. The guy filming the clip immediately says “I’m so glad I got that on camera.” We’re also very glad he got this driving fail on film.

Of course, things could have been much worse. Had there been a bunch of spectators lining the street and watching cars leaving the meet, we suspect the Mustang may have barreled directly towards them. Or the driver of the oncoming SUV might have not stopped in time, resulting in a crash.

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