Dutch Millionaire Totals Lamborghini Aventador After Crash With Barrier, Multiple Spins

People driving on the A28 between Zwolle and Meppel, Netherlands, may see something a little odd today. A double-helix of tire marks extending farther than may have seemed possible is the result of a very expensive accident for the owner of a Lamborghini Aventador on Sunday.

The driver, Rick van Stippent, is a Dutch millionaire who owns Stipt Polish Point, and was on his way to a car show in Assen with a friend when he lost control of the car and had the frightening experience, reports De Telegraaf. Fortunately for all involved, neither occupant in the car was injured and no other vehicles were swept up in the accident.

“It’s physically good, but mentally less so,” said the 29-year-old driver on Instagram as translated by Google. “I lost my most beautiful car, but a life richer.” He added, though, that he was “slightly traumatized” by the accident.

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Stefan Verkerk reports that witnesses reported seeing the car driving “at a very high speed” on the highway before losing control at the peak of a viaduct and hitting the barrier before spinning several times and coming to a stop more than 100 meters (328 ft) later with heavy damage to both the front and rear. Van Stippent refutes the allegation that he was speeding, though.

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“That’s nonsense! If you look closely at the tire tracks, I haven’t even had a braking distance. We went over that hill and it started turning,” van Stippent told Hart van Nederland. “There is no braking distance to be seen. If you really drive too fast and you come towards something and you go full in the anchors, then you first have a braking distance. Just didn’t have it.”

Along with the damage to the Lamborghini, the highway barriers were also damaged and debris from the accident was strewn about the road, causing traffic to be diverted in both directions as clean-up crews dealt with the aftermath of the accident.

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Source : Autonews.com

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