Chevy Blazer ‘SS’ EV high-performance variant announced and teased, available spring 2023

GM’s Chevrolet division announced a high-performance variant of its upcoming Blazer EV SUV this morning but left us with precious few details.

The Chevy Blazer SS or “Super Sport” will be a high-performance version of the Blazer EV, which was announced at GM’s CES 2022 event by CEO Mary Barra. The Silverado EV was the star of that show, but at the end, Barra noted that GM would not only be soon releasing the Equinox EV but a Blazer EV in spring 2023.

We’ll find out more about the Blazer later this year, according to GM, which is good because we know almost nothing about it now – even with this drip drop video. That’s unusual for a car that will be on the streets in a year.

Chevrolet provided a glimpse of the all-electric Chevrolet Blazer SS, which will be the first Chevy EV to feature a performance SS model. The all-electric Blazer SS will make its debut later this year and will be available in spring 2023.

Super Sport is a signature performance option package offered by Chevrolet since 1961.

The 20-second teaser, shown below, mostly just shows the charging door, a wheel, and a red color option, which isn’t terribly special. Chevy has the 2023 Blazer ICE version up on its site if you need a general idea of what the Blazer EV will look like.

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Electrek’s Take

This is more of an announcement of the Blazer SS than a tease of the new model. I mean the charge port and wheel shots? Come on!

But the bigger news is that Chevy is making a high-performance EV. I think it is safe to assume this will be an AWD and should compete nicely with sportier SUV EVs in its class, especially at the price points GM has been looking at (Equinox will start at $30,000).

I did get a look at the prototype Blazer EV at GM’s Battery Day event in March 2020, but it was just a model at that point and will have gone through multiple changes since then. Also GM wouldn’t allow us to take pictures.

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