California And Nevada Police Have No Sympathy For These Two Stuck Jeep Drivers

Police officers in both California and Nevada have both come to the rescue of Jeep drivers who managed to get their vehicles stuck in two very different areas.

The first incident happened in early March when an officer with the California Highway Patrol – West Valley spotted a Jeep Renegade sitting at the top of a large dirt mound. Apparently, the driver and passenger decided to drive up the mountain of dirt to get a nice view of the night sky while eating McDonald’s.

The only problem with their plan was that the Renegade they were driving was a front-wheel drive model and managed to get bogged at the top, seemingly preventing them from reversing back down. Police had to call a local towing company to get them unstuck.

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Photo CHP – West Valley

The person running the Facebook page for the California Highway Patrol – West Valley had some fun with their post, saying that it was a case of “a couple of Jeep bros tuning into stuck bros” and that police had a “heart to heart about choices” and “let the young men know how disappointed we were.”

The second case happened in Nevada and you could be excused for thinking the same individual runs the social media channels for the Nevada State Police Highway Patrol.

Images shared online show that the driver of a Jeep Wrangler got stuck while trying to cross a set of train tracks. Despite how good the Wrangler is at off-roading, the rocks placed on either side of the tracks proved to be a little too much for the Jeep to handle.

“This driver’s plans got DERAILED when they decided to make their Jeep a Choo Choo Train,” the Facebook post reads. “Remember Nevada always stay on the right TRACK and plan ahead.” We’re not sure it was necessary to put the puns in capital letters but clearly, local authorities in Nevada didn’t seem too sorry for the driver.

Photos Nevada State Police Highway Patrol

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