A Lucid Air Dream Edition Was Burnt To A Crisp On A Transport Truck In Massachusetts

A fire that broke out on the road in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, was reportedly put out several hours after it started and appears to have completely destroyed not just the transport truck but the Lucid Air Dream Edition it was carrying as well. Fortunately, no injuries have so far been reported.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this point, though Lucid‘s head of digital experience Tweeted yesterday that an “initial report” suggested that the fire started in the engine compartment of the truck, not in the EV that was being transported.

We have reached out to both Lucid and the Bridgewater Fire Department for more information about this incident and will update this story when we hear back.

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The fire was brought to the attention of many by the Facebook page Highway to Hell, which posted photos of the incident and shared alleged chatter from the fire department communications channels.

In the post, on which The Drive first reported, the person wrote that the fire took four hours to clear because the electric vehicle’s battery pack kept catching fire. That may be as a result of thermal runaway, a phenomenon that has been widely reported on that makes lithium-ion batteries particularly hard to extinguish because they essentially fuel themselves. In the end, the post claims that the vehicle was placed in a dumpster filled with water. There are, indeed, photos of an EV platform in a dumpster shared as part of the post.

The wheels on the burnt-down vehicle in the photos shared by Highway to Hell resemble those fitted to the Lucid Air Dream Performance Edition, which can provide up to 1,111 hp (828 kW/1,126 PS) and can go up to 471 miles (758 km) on a charge. Prices for the sedan start at $169,000.

Source : Autonews.com

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